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What's happening at the intersection OF law + Arts and its industries?

Join Droit Autrement / Legal Alternative (DALA) and law students of the Université de Montréal for a series of mini-talks about the "state of the arts". The coupling of the arts and law may seem unlikely, yet it is at the intersections where we may draw up new ideas emerging in law through the arts—and vice versa.

Azzaria and Guillemard of the Faculté de Droit, Université Laval comment with regard to law and the arts, "[à] l'aridité et à la froideur du premier s'opposent la fantaisie et l'imagination attachées au second, diront certains". The artistic sphere, they write, like all human activities, does not escape the surveillance of the law. Additionally, others have noted that the law also takes on a certain aesthetic form, meaning that the disciplines may have certain affinities that bring them closer than we are used to imagining. (Les Cahiers de Droit, vol. 58 nos 1-2, mars-juin 2017, p. 3-5) And so, we ask the question: what does the practice of law alongside and within the arts and its industries tell us about where the disciplines are heading?

Montréal, a city coloured by a thriving cultural industry, lends a sense of place and community to the discussion. With the city promoting its innumerable festivals, world-renowned hubs in gaming and live entertainment, and entrepreneurial creative mindset, it is undeniable that this UNESCO City of Design is a distinct place to continue the conversation...what can the law do for the arts? What can the arts do for law?