Alternative Career Speed Meet 

Our second event was the alternative career speed meet, held in the Atrium in late October. We invited law grads who pursued alternative careers, and they rotated through different tables with students throughout the evening so that everyone got a chance to speak with each invitee. We also had wine and food from PA! 

Our guests included the following people (I might be leaving out one or two): 

- Eytan Bensoussan (Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company) 

- Louis-Nicholas Coupal (Freelance Criminal Defense Lawyer, Owner of the Fake Store, Art Director at Yves Laroche Galerie d'Art) 

- Kerry Williams (New Media Lawyer and Trademark Agent, Creative Legal) 

- Jérôme Lussier (Chroniqueur Politique, Consultant)  

- Paola Hawa (Mayor, Ville de Sainte Anne de Bellevue)

- Daniel Ehrenfeld (Real Estate Manager)