Law & Entrepreneurship

Spearheaded by Professor Jodoin, and in conjunction with DALA, this event took place in the Thompson House Ballroom on January 28, 2015.

Catered by "Torts and Tarts" (an initiative of two McGill Law students, Emma Loignon-Giroux and Lindsay Little) entrepreneurship was woven through every facet of the event.

Speakers included full-time entrepreneurs, and lawyers delving into entrepreneurial endeavours.

Shobhita Soor

mcgill law/MBA student | chief impact officer at aspire food group | winner of the 2013 hult prize for social entrepreneurship

Pascale Pageau

founder of delegatus [montreal law firm with an innovative mandate to enable businesses to reduce their legal services costs]

Reuvan Ashtar

mcgill law graduate | startup, media, and technology lawyer and strategist

Peter Bailey

general manager of flow ventures | specializes in business development and advising startups