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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Legal Profession

Monday, April 3 at 1 PM - 2 PM

a talk with Thomas Hamilton of ROSS Intelligence

for more about Thomas and his story, check out our interview with him!

Advances in artificial intelligence are increasing the capabilities of professionals around the world. Legal technology, which has gone largely unchanged since the introduction of internet-based boolean search, is now rapidly evolving in ways which will permanently change how we practice law.

Learn more about how the old legal order is changing, and how ROSS Intelligence is working with law firms, law schools and access to justice organizations to democratize the law and change the delivery of legal services forever.

ROSS Intelligence is using cutting-edge advances in artificial intelligence technology to improve legal research. Focused initially in bankruptcy law, ROSS is trained to read the law, understand and answer research questions, and get smarter every single day. 

ROSS has not only been hired by firms and in-house legal departments across the United States, but is partnering with law schools, bar associations and legal services organizations across the country to introduce AI to legal services, helping to democratize the law, furthering access to justice and empowering lawyers to do more than was ever before possible.

Thomas Hamilton is the VP Strategy and Operations at ROSS Intelligence, the company behind ROSS, the world’s first artificially intelligent lawyer. Thomas works with sole practitioners, legal aid groups, law firms, state bar associations and law faculties to put the power of ROSS into their hands.

Thomas grew up in Ottawa, and in his previous life, worked at the Toronto office of Dentons. It was in law school at McGill, and later at Dentons, that he began to think about fixing the issues with existing legal research software.

He was the first employee at ROSS Intelligence after the founding team, and believes passionately in the ability of artificial intelligence and legal technology to help lawyers practice law more effectively and more efficiently.